Surf Groms

Surf Groms

Join us on our thrilling Groms program, aimed at 5-12 year olds. Our two-hour sessions, seamlessly blend beach and water activities for a fun, educational experience. In partnership with the Woolworths Surf Groms program, our certified instructors prioritize safety for parents’ peace of mind as your child masters surf basics. Join us at Apollo Bay Surf and Kayak for a comprehensive wave-filled adventure!

Groms Program

The Surf Grom program runs for three action-packed days, with each session lasting two hours. This well-rounded schedule allows your child to immerse themselves in both the joy of surfing and the importance of surf safety, whilst making new friend, making each day a memorable and educational experience. The program offers an engaging fusion of beach and water activities, including fun and educational games. Crafted to align with the skill levels outlined by Woolworths Surf Groms, these activities play a vital role in developing the fundamental skills needed for young surfers to confidently ride the waves.

Learning Surf Basics

Learning surf basics as a Surf Grom involves mastering foundational skills essential for wave riding. Children grasp techniques like paddling, balancing on a surfboard, and catching waves. In these formative stages, they build confidence, understanding the ocean’s dynamics, and embracing surf etiquette. It’s the exciting initiation into the thrilling world of surfing.

Surf Safety and Awareness

 Safety is our top priority. Through engaging activities and discussions, our program imparts crucial surf safety and awareness skills. From understanding wave dynamics to identifying rips and currents, your child will gain the knowledge to navigate the ocean responsibly.

Learn to surf Apollo Bay

Watch your child’s confidence soar as they grasp the fundamentals of surfing during our program. With a focus on developing essential surf basics, our experienced instructors provide hands-on guidance to help your child ride the waves with enthusiasm and skill.

Peace of Mind for Parents

Rest easy as your child embarks on this journey filled with beach excitement. Our certified instructors prioritize safety, ensuring a secure environment for your little surfer to explore the waves.

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